HEAR a greatest-hits MP3 of my poor, defenseless accuser's death threats!

Transcripts of Anne Ryan's "stalkiest" voicemail messages to me

Complete transcripts of phone calls from Anne Ryan to me and others, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of our li'l victim (See her threaten to kill me - again and again! See her threaten to break into my house and destroy everything in it—again and again! See her dare me to call the police—again and again! See her complain that I don't worship her pussy the way she worships my cock! See her brag about getting away with violent crimes! See her gloating about my ex-wife's imminent death from cancer, going so far as to say she's jerking off about it—again and again!)

"My Year With Anne" and "My Last Day With Anne" (Chapters from Shit Magnet)

My restraining order against her

What her mom told detectives

What her ex-boyfriend told detectives

What my landlord told detectives

What someone who knew both of us told detectives

My accuser admits to falsely accusing me of rape after I had the landlord call the police when she smashed my car windshield with a shovel

A page from her notebook (including "times to check up on him" alongside words such as "PRISON," "KILL," "BLOOD," and "MURDER"

My "Victim" Convicted of Assault in the 2nd Degree (Poor baby...)

The Victim's "Friend" Rats Her Out... (which only proves that lyin' snitches and snitchin' liars need one another)

A Letter From an Ex-Boyfriend of My Accuser

Interview by Cletus Nelson From PANIK Magazine Which Proves That She's Lying and I Ain't (August 1999 - expanded with rambling observations about domestic violence and witch hunts...)

The Ladies SPEAK OUT About Vaginal Malice! (Excerpts from letters sent to me in the pokey)

The Fellas SOUND OFF About Vindictive Ex-Girlfriends! (My male correspondents share tragic secrets of love gone wrong)

Hillary Clinton Accused of Domestic Violence


Prison Interview conducted by Adam Parfrey...Another jailhouse interview where I ponder comparisons between myself and Mark Twain, discuss whether women are mentally inferior to men, and reveal how much I can bench-press. (August '00) Bruno the Fag-Basher is discussed, along with my favorite karaoke songs and my ex-wife's missing white sweater. (February '99)

An Exclusive, Tastefully Rendered Glossary of Northwestern Prison Slang (Learn "con talk" and impress your friends! Put some water on it, ya solid peckerwood, you!)

My Pre-Release Soliloquy

Pleasuring Myself in Prison

Jim Goad Will be Free Soon Enough, So Keep Your Delusional Muslim Junkie Sermonizing to Yourself: Random Spiteful Comments About Jim Hogshire and the "Free Jim Goad!" Website

Why I Resisted Entering a Public Feud With a Cancer Patient

Hey Jim Goad... I air my apprehensions about being released from prison. Just as I predicted, the Dept. of Corrections wouldn't let me leave Oregon. Just as I predicted, my darling stalker tried to make contact with me almost immediately, while I stayed away. The only prediction that didn't pan out was my celibacy vow. Two out of three ain't bad.