the victim's "friend" rats her out

A boy named Mike from South Carolina sent me this e-mail over three months ago. I never responded for two reasons:

1) Mike had proven himself untrustworthy in the past;

2) Whether or not Mike's telling the truth here, no one needs Mike's little double-crossing maneuvers to know that Anne lied. I have omitted Mike's e-mail address to spare him harassment.

Mike also calls himself "Judah," although "Judas" might be more appropriate. It's hilarious that even Anne's "supporters" are willing to stab her in the back to get my approval. Mike's e-mailing follows in italics. I've appended some observations at the end...

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 01
[note—this e-mail address is no longer valid]
Subject: old stuff..

greetings i'll only ask you to respond to this if interested. i haven't a clue as to whether you would be or not, so i'll just tell you what i have/know. i have, on audio tape and in a .wav file on my pc, the lovely anne ryan admitting that she HAD you put in jail and that if it took a little bit of lying to get it done, so be it. this is from a personal conversation as i had garnered her utmost trust in the past few weeks. i would never trust a creature who has proven to be that which she is, so i, as the self-resilient asshole i proudly suggest i am, decided to throw some medicine back her way. you can hear her. anyone who hears this will know that her ONLY intention was to get back at you in some form, no matter what incessant lying was required. am i betraying her trust? yes. can i live with this? i'll let you know after i sleep well for a few hours. i just thought you might enjoy lighting her up just a little bit. but i'm guessing it is quite possible you are beyond that now (although i know i wouldn't be), so i'm just letting you know it's here if you want it. i'm not gonna mention the email transcripts i've got that discuss the goad-related incidents, because anyone can forge those. but they are numerous. but didn't i just mention it? and if this in ANY way is a violation of parole, i can just as easily send them to someone you TRUST so you had no connection with this. i'm not sure what the conditions surrounding that exist to be. as stated, just let me know. her subterfuge has just grown dull on me.

(Note: Less than six hours after this page was initially uploaded to the site, Mike, who must check my site a LOT, e-mailed me and claimed that back in January, an adversary of his had "snatched" his password and was sending out phony e-mails in his name. Mike's new alibi is roughly as believable as Anne's claim that she never hit me on the morning in question. Nor does Mike explain how his alleged antagonist came to be aware that Mike was familiar with Anne R.. I did a trace of the original e-mail and of Mike's li'l message from today, and it revealed that both e-mails originated from the same place.) And Mike continues to e-mail me...again and again and his trademark "style" that mixes unfunny pop-culture references with "big" words whose meaning he obviously doesn't assure me that my comments didn't bother him.