my "victim" is convicted of assault in the 2nd degree


Case Number: 000231181/01
Anne R.'s SID number: 11409475

Anne R., that sanctimonious crusader against violence who sought to erase her own guilt by foisting it all on me, recently did a two-month stint in Portland's Inverness Jail.

Sources at Multnomah County Jail related that Miss R. pled "no contest" to assault in the 2nd degree after purposely running over a bicyclist with her car. She reportedly shouted, "I hate bicyclists!," plowed over a male cyclist, and fled the scene. She also failed to appear in court for one of her early hearings, and a warrant had to be issued for her arrest.

Miss R. had been jailed in early June and received a five-month sentence, a source at the jail said.

By contrast, I pled guilty to ATTEMPTED 2nd-degree assault, which is a lesser charge, and received a 24-month sentence.

It's also noteworthy that Miss R. has a record of previous criminal convictions, while at the time of my plea, I had none.

And I doubt her victim was threatening to kill her.

I doubt she had a restraining order against him.

I doubt her blood was found in the car.

But despite glaring disparities in the system's treatment of male and female offenders, it would be untrue to say I am unhappy about this recent development.

She's on probation for three years, and if she fucks up, she may be forced to serve the full 70 months.

I would never condemn Miss R. for violence, since I have been violent myself. The main point I've been making by documenting the girl's bloody footprints is to highlight her hypocrisy, which was the chief source of my torment throughout this ordeal.

She's a Christian who runs over people with cars. A lost little girl who threatens to kill people. Someone who throws the first punch, then runs screaming to police when someone punches back. A criminal who's also a snitch. At least I'm consistent, you know?

I'm also happy that it was her own hand, rather than my vindictiveness, which led to her incarceration. But it is not my intent to take pleasure in her misfortune, as I've always maintained that she, not I, was the malicious one in the relationship.

Thankfully, this latest turn of events should forever rob her of the mantle of victimization in which she's self-righteously draped herself for over two years.

This development should also serve to kick the soapbox from beneath the feet of those who felt compelled to pontificate on a situation about which they were woefully uninformed. Those who continue to pretend that women's physical frailty makes it impossible for them to be dangerous apparently never considered what a woman's hand can do with a steering wheel.

But I don't expect any of my most vocal critics to 'fess up and admit that they perhaps misinterpreted the situation, for that would be too much of a sacrifice for their already shaky egos. I realize that being exactly who they are is already a considerable cross to bear, so I benevolently decline to add weight to their burden. I know that although they consider themselves enlightened, they suffer a primitive Jungian need for a demon, and I'm happy to serve that role for them.


{originally posted June 2000}