a letter from an ex-bf of my savagely victimized ex-gf

(Excerpts from a letter sent by an ex-boyfriend of Anne R.'s to a local Portland publication in June, 1998, shedding more light into how Li'l Annie always winds up being victimized at love)

"A little over three years ago I had an affair with Anne....Soon after separating from my wife, I got an apartment, and when Anne found out I wouldn't let her move in with me, she refused to leave my car for over six hours....I finally talked her into getting out and the next morning, she came by my house and threw a concrete block through every window of my Toyota station wagon....By the time police arrived to arrest her, she had also taken out a 6' X 8' picture window in my house. Debbie Goad says Anne wants to be the next Courtney Love; shortly before Anne's arrest she told me how she thought of herself as Courtney Love and me as Kurt Cobain... It's Anne's dream to become famous by destroying her man, as many people believe Courtney has. I believe Anne is totally capable of inflicting wounds on herself (or having an accomplice do it) in order to generate publicity for her sick 'career.'....After I had her arrested for destroying my property, she proudly published the police reports in her own zine....The woman is seriously ill, and was known by me to be under psychiatric care; she also has so little conscience that I believe she would destroy even someone she loves if she could get enough publicity for doing so... Anne knows where I live and I believe is capable of inflicting violence on me and my property if she becomes aware of this correspondence."

(This man originally included his name on the letter and spoke with both prosecution and defense detectives as I prepared for trial; I am only releasing the letter's contents now because he has since moved a safe distance from Portland.)