anne ryan to sean tejaratchi
the day after jim's sentencing

left on sean's answering machine between 5 pm and 11:30 pm saturday, january 9, 1999

Oh, well, hi, honey! Mr. Goad's personal advocate! I'm calling to say Happy New Year! And [sighs] I finally got some good press, didn't I? Mmm. Truth came out in The Oregonian today. A REAL publication. And, um, for your information, I have a new beau, and he has a mullet, and he can kick Jim's ass because he's about 6'5". So, if that fucker ever tries to come near me again you can tell him that I'm very well-armed, and well-protected by a real man, and [pause] he's just a pathetic hipster. As are you. I mean, you're just a joke, there's like, so little testosterone in your system it''s're funny! You're really funny to me. Um, you're a dork, and a wimp, and a geek, and a loser, and you know it, and I never, you know, sucked Jim's dick as hard as you've been sucking it for the past seven months. And I think I have my revenge, and I think you have no business sticking your nose into this because like, with abortion! it's something you would know nothing about. Just like when men butt their nose into women's issues like abortion, this is something, violence, that you know nothing about. You have no experience with it, and it's just completely out of your league.'re just a fuckin' pathetic viewer. You know, you're a voyeur. You're a little comic-book boy. You're a fan, a fanboy, and never forget that. And you're nothing but Jim's assistant. You're just his sidekick, you're nothing. And, um, I'm past fact of the matter is, he didn't get any press until he met me, and, um...[pause] he's just a fucking liar still. And I know he's guilty, and you know he's guilty, or else he wouldn't have pled guilty. And he knows he's guilty. And I can't wait until you make your little Robert DuPree tapes and zine and go give those to fucking [Jim's lawyer]. Suck my clit, you fucking fuckhead. You blow. And you're such a wimp.