anne ryan to sean tejaratchi
all calls are from wednesday, october 14, 1998


[start of call]

Sean: I've got a good question.

Anne: What?

After all your fucking struggling in the car, apparently, as you say, how'd you get out? Did he let you out?

He threw me out.

How did he get you out?

He skidded over to the side of the road and said, "Get the fuck out of the car."

And you just walked out.

I didn't walk out, I ran out, screaming and bloody!

Why didn't you get out earlier?

I couldn't fucking get out! He was punching me as hard as he fucking could in my eye about fifty fucking times, Sean!

You could have got out at any time the car slowed down?

No, I couldn't have gotten out—you don't even know the facts. Ha ha ha, she's gonna die, he's gonna go to jail, see you, motherfucker—I hate your fucking guts. [hangs up]

[start of call]

Anne: And I told you this at least three times already—the entire drive I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and pleading for my life, for him—

Sean: Did you make an attempt to get away?

Yes, I fucking did! That's why I have a bite mark—these are all fresh wounds, okay? These aren't from the third. I have four different marks—

Bite marks?

—on my arms, from that—

—He bit you to keep you in the car? Is that what you're saying?

Yes, he did, because I tried to honk the horn, I tried to open up the door. And I couldn't fucking get out.

Why couldn't you open the door?

I couldn't open the door because he's punching me as hard as I could [sic] in the fucking face! And my eye was fucking bleeding-YOU DON'T FUCKIN' KNOW THE FACTS, MOTHERFUCKER! [hangs up]

[start of call]

Anne: Did you see the Rodney King footage? Why didn't he get up? Did he have an opportunity to get up when he'd been repeatedly being fucking pounded over and over and over?

Sean: I think he was handcuffed.

Ahh ... He still couldn't have gotten up, and he was not even handcuffed. I don't know if he was or not.

And how many cops were there?

There's one person named Jim and there's me, and I'm like a hundred and twenty-four pounds—

—And you're both sitting down in a car.

Fuck you! Fuck you! Do you think I wanted to stay in the car? To be beat up!

You should hang up. You should hang up quick. [hangs up]

[in middle of conversation]

Anne: And we have things that are going to make him look pretty damned bad, too. "Lets Hear It For Violence Toward Women!"?

Sean: Which you said you jerked off to!

I told him that like three years ago to impress him. And it wasn't even the truth.

You know, you have a funny way of saying what was true and what wasn't.

So do you, baby. And so does Jim. He's a flat-out fucking liar. About a number of things.

Well, you just said it was true; he didn't lie about that.


You've told me several times now that it's true. That you told him that. He wasn't lying about it.

He wasn't lying about what?

About the fact that you told him you jerked off to it.

Three years ago! To impress him! Yeah, I told him that!

Well, what, is three years ago somehow irrelevant to your life?! How does that work? Why do you keep saying three years ago?!

Because it is irrelevant! Because it doesn't mean that I wanted—even if I wanted to be beaten on past occasions, it does not mean that I wanted to be beaten to a bloody pulp that day. Okay? That's what it means! You asked why he didn't let you out at your house? None of it is as extreme as what he did to me that day. You asked me why he didn't let you out at your house. Why he didn't stop in front of your house.

I've heard your story and his story and both agree that you were stopped in your driveway.

Yeah, and then he skidded out and said that I couldn't get out of the car, and I tried to get out and he was punching me repeatedly.

How did you try to get out?! You were stopped, why couldn't you just get the hell out?

I started—I tried to—this is at the point when I was honking the horn, and I tried to open up the door, and he bit me on the right wrist, and on the left thumb. And I couldn't get out. And he locked the door. And that's when he started punching my face as hard as I [sic] could.

How did he lock the door? He leaned across and locked it?


What did he do? Lean across and lock it?

Yeah, he did! Yes, he did!

It was a rental car, huh?


And you didn't try to get out?

I did—I'm trying to get out for my fucking life! I was screaming at the top of my fuckin' lungs! From the very fuckin' start.

How did you try?

From the very fuckin' start. That's when. HOW? I was screaming. I said, "Jim, no, let me go, it's over, it's over." [EDITOR'S NOTE: More projection here, casting Jim in the role of being the one who doesn't want it to be over.] Right as soon as he started punching me. As soon as he said—as soon as that like, transition happened where he says, "You're not leaving." As soon as I—

— I know you've got a history of not leaving where you are, even when you're told to. And attacking other people.

I [unintelligible, may be "tried to," it's spoken over my words"] when he started punching me! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK? Why would I want to stay in that car and be repeatedly beaten?! What the fuck do you think?!

I think you were probably involved in a fight with him.

[Anne starts fake laughing, hangs up.]