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    "Fuck freedom of association, dude! People should be forced to hang out with me against their will! I mean—LOOK at me! Who the fuck would want to hang out with me unless they were forced to do so? NO FREEDOM for those who don't want to socialize with a revolutionary socialist like me! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! What's the matter—do I smell?"

    "There's just something about Inman that makes you wanna push him down the stairs, then help him back to the top so you can do it again."
    —Actual comedian Doug Stanhope, via email


    "Comedy is a man in pain. Inman is a laugh riot."
    —Father Luke


    "My girlfriend hates me and now you hate me. And yes I am drunk right now. I was drunk when I wrote that post on your Facebook fan page and I am sorry. Please fucking forgive me....

    "I am not as skilled as you. No one is as clever as you. You beat down worthless chumps like me with the flick of your wrist. You point your finger and people are destroyed. I am now destroyed and humbled by your reply. I don't know what to say. I am listening to Elvis Costello and crawling into the corner of my room....

    "I am little and I am stupid. I can't type stuff very fast. I don't know what is going on. I try to put it into words but I have my doubts. Words do not define reality."

    —Pretend Comedian and Possibly Retarded Social Activist James Inman, via email

    "He [Jim Goad] was there [Stanhope's Death Valley party] for two seconds and walked around like he was cooler than everyone else."

    —12-year-old Girl and Certifiably Retarded Make-Believe Comedian James Inman, on a Doug Stanhope Message Board (Did you know Inman owns a painting of Che Guevara and quotes Clash lyrics when he's talking about politics?)

    Here, in PDF format, are Part 1 and Part 2 of James Inman making an ass out of himself on my Facebook group. Look how many chances I gave this bastard genetic child of Dave Attell and Larry Fine to make an actual point. Look how many times he came up empty. He also recently wrote this: "Not everything has to make sense...." Ain't he retarded?

    He is also featured in my current article for Taki's Mag, "Argumentum ad Fox Newsem."

    James Inman is the latest in a long line of apparently brainwashed progressives/leftists/liberals/socialists who fail to see precisely how their behavior resembles classic political brainwashing. Such robo-antics include a reflexive tendency to accuse others of being brainwashed, coupled by blindness to the Grand Canyon-sized holes in their logic and their crippled inability to see politics in anything beyond retardedly simplistic left/right terms. There's also a shared delusion that they are the opponents, rather than the tools, of global power. This has been a relatively new social development as well as an ongoing theme with my writing over the past year.

    He's also another jilted fanboy who's on the warpath because he feels hurt that a hero didn't reciprocate. What he apparently doesn't realize is that I never asked him to idolize me and am usually creeped-out by those who do. They're the ones who become stalkers, not the ones who have a mere ideological or aesthetic disagreement with me. It's always The Snubbed who go absolutely full-on stalker mode.

    Also, I hate people who feel they have a right to be in your life whether you like it or not merely because they think they "know" you because they've enjoyed one of your creations. I've dealt with dozens of such Rupert Pupkin characters. He's made it quite clear he never understood a word I wrote.

    Plus, he appears to be a full-blown alcoholic who seems to be under the impression that makes him "edgy" rather than a childish fuckup. I've always made it very, very clear that I hate drunks.

    So in one flabby body, he incarnates four personality types I find despicable. That's quite a feat.

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