"The Redneck Manifesto begins with a brilliant essay...THE REDNECK MANIFESTO is a funny, engagingly written polemic. His verbal energy is astounding.Goad has that 'zine-influenced style that is probably the best thing to happen to American prose since Hammett and Chandler.Goad should be congratulated and thanked for cutting through the numerous taboos that prevent an honest discussion of race in this country. By coming to the defense of poor whites everywhere, Goad reclaims that old populist tenet that America's problems are rooted between an ongoing Class War between the rich and the poor, not the media-generated Race War that is repeatedly floated to keep us all in our places." -PDXS (Portland, OR)


"There is not a meek, mealy-mouthed word in this tract, so readers had better strap themselves in if they recoil from cussing, epithets for every blankety-blank group under the sun, gun owners, militia members, or chapter titles such as "Several Compelling Arguments for the Enslavement of all White Liberals." This tract is so hyberbolic, so vitriolic, so viciously funny, so unrestrained, that its sheer outlandishness might indicate that Goad is just venting a sustained satire. But this harangue is in earnest.Moreover, Goad's book will not go away quietly, as it is a politically unclassifiable polemic sure to humor, or offend, or enrage library patrons, in equal measure." -Booklist


"From its coruscating opening sentence, this broadside by the publisher of ANSWER Me! magazine in Portland, Ore., presents a number of home truths that will provoke controversy, if not riots in the streets.Goad, writing at the top of his voice, merits a listen." -Publishers Weekly


"An often reactionary diatribe on reverse discrimination by the editor of the 'zine ANSWER Me!, redeemed in large part by its author's phenomenal sense of humor.That words like "redneck" and "white trash" are deemed acceptable, while the "N-word" is not, is proof that as Americans, by and large, we have been duped by rich folks into playing the race card.Goad's astute command of history and his sharp wit make for a volatile combination.But, of course, ideas that have value are also often dangerous." -Kirkus Reviews


"Foul-mouthed? If there's an ethnic slur or slang word for sexual organs or bodily functions that Goad's left out, I'm sure it was an unintentional omission. He flails these words at the reader like a whip, just to be sure you're still paying attention. Gratuitously provocative? Goad calls Spike Lee an "ebony midget" and Phil Donahue a "white-haired pussy whip."Maybe the book scares me because, despite all that, I find myself agreeing with Goad more often than is comfortable. Because once I started, I could not put it down." -Contra Costa (CA) Times


"THE REDNECK MANIFESTO," Jim Goad's proud, angry, funny, brilliant and willfully abrasive tough-love sermon for the white lower-middle class, looks at the ways rednecks are victims of misidentity, of a distortion foisted upon them by an elitist media and a relentlessly derisive public.Goad offers a thoughtful analysis of the evolution of the white American lower-middle class-an evolution originating with the upheaval of pre-colonial America-and makes the case that class, not race, is the defining social distinction of American life.Goad's "Manifesto" explains the evolution of America's least well-known underclass, doing it with humor and raw, uncompromising passion." -Knight-Ridder Newspapers


"Rush out and pick up THE REDNECK MANIFESTO before liberal white protesters have it banned or Jim Goad is made to "disappear" by the Trilateral Commission." -SCREW


"Goad, a white male so angry he makes Rush Limbaugh (one of his targets) sound like Mr Rogers, has written a furious, profane, smart and hilariously smart-aleck defense of working-class white culture.It's an intelligent, informed populist rant in the tradition of social comedians Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks, asking impolite questions that will make conservatives squeamish and white liberals scream. But these questions deserve answers. There is something in this book to offend just about everybody, but it's hard to put down this risible rip-snorter without feeling that something important, necessary and long overdue has been said.Without a doubt, much of Goad's vivid, inflamed prose is overwritten and grotesque, and he doesn't seem like the sort of person one would want to be stuck in an elevator with. But doggone it, he's right about so much, frequently hilarious, and gives voice to opinions that many whites hold but that rarely make it into the mainstream media.This book will start arguments, to be sure, but they are the ones we ought to be having." -Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


"Goad's got a message for you: White niggers have feelings, too. In his first non-self-published work, Goad (whose previous claim to fame was his controversial ANSWER Me! 'zine) systematically, intractably and with diabolical wit exposes the class-driven cruelty behind America's last racist punching clown, white trash.Despite only a passing sneer at Marx, Goad does more to deconstruct bourgeois self-delusion and to advance class-consciousness than any left-wing academic ever could, with a bracing directness sure to inform rednecks and yobs alike.THE REDNECK MANIFESTO is dangerous. Read it." -Willamette Week (Portland, OR)


"Jim Goad, the intellectual terrorist who created the infamous 'zine ANSWER Me!, has never been one to mince words...Perhaps even to his own surprise, Goad has written a book that is not only viciously funny and gleefully offensive, but also profoundly honest and even hopeful....Here he combines brilliant, informed cultural analysis with a fuck-you prose style that slams into your brain like a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick....It's a war cry, a call for genuine interracial revolution against the ruling classes who have stolen money and freedom from people of all races." -Punk Planet