ANSWER Me!: The First Three
is a 320-page monster which contains the entire first three issues, plus two short introductions. It's yours for $13 (fourth-class mail) or $15 (first-class).

ANSWER Me! #4 is currently out of print.

HOWEVER, for an extremely limited time, we are graciously offering ALL FOUR ORIGINAL INDIVIDUAL issues of ANSWER Me!, signed by Jim and Debbie Goad, for $100 postpaid. This is a limited edition of 25 numbered sets from our private stash. When they're gone, they're gone.

TOTAL ABUSE by Peter Sotos costs $10 (fourth-class mail) or $12 (first-class) plus an AGE STATEMENT. If you don't send the age statement, you don't get the book, and we might be tempted to take your money merely because your reading-comprehension skills are so poor that you'd deserve it.

BIG RED GOAD: Truck-Drivin' Psycho contains 14 truck-driving songs interpreted by Jim Goad and is available only on CD format for $12 postpaid.

THE REDNECK MANIFESTO is 274 pages of hardcover hatemongering for $20 (fourth-class) or $22 (first-class). All copies are signed by the distinguished author.

We no longer offer the following items: HATESVILLE!, CHOCOLATE IMPULSE, and S.W.A.T.: DEEP INSIDE A COP'S MIND.

Order any two items (or two copies of one item) and receive FREE first-class postage.

Send all your money to Goad to Hell Enterprises, PO Box 31009, Portland, OR 97231. Cash, money orders, and checks are acceptable, although checks will cause a delay until they clear. We don't accept credit cards.